Construction Industry Snapshot WA Dec 2017

The industry employs over 10.25% of the State Workforce.


The industry employs over 10.25% of the State Workforce
With 16.9% growth in August 2017 compared to August 2016. Only one decrease in the previous four quarters.

Tradespeople – the industry employs over 70,800 tradespeople
This is the highest number since August 2014 and third highest on record.

Apprenticeships – the industry employers more than 45% of the State’s apprentices
Including electrical, there are currently 6,833 apprentices ‘in training’ which is a 6.2% decrease on the previous year but there has been a 75% reduction in apprenticeship cancellations. There has been an overall decrease in apprentice commencements of 18.6% including electrical.

Traineeships – the industry employs 716 trainees.
Since 2009 there has been a 67% increase in traineeships especially in the Civil Construction sector

Building Approvals and Commencements*

Total Dwelling Units – there was a total of 19,928 approvals for all types of Dwelling Units
This was a reduction of 9.5% on the previous year to October. However, over the last 3 months approvals have remained stable demonstrating that the outlook could be improving into 2018.

Total Houses – there was a total of 14,584 approvals for houses
This was a reduction of 9% in the year to October. The reduction was only 3.5% in the last quarter which shows a levelling of the decline.

Dwelling Commencements – in the year to October, there was a total of 19,666 dwelling commencements.

Value of Construction Work Done

Residential–increase of 4.8% in value in the last quarter to $6.44B
This shows a marked improvement in activity in the last quarter compared against a reduction of 22.7% on the previous twelve months.

Non-Residential–a decrease of 5.3% in value in the last quarter to $4.49B
This was against a decrease of 4.0% in the previous twelve months. This is a marked improvement on the year to September 2016 when there was a 10.5% decrease in work done. It demonstrates a stabilisation in the market.

All interpretations and conclusions drawn from this data are those of the Construction Training Fund.
Published in December 2017 using data based on the latest available monthly/quarterly ABS Data. All apprenticeship and training data is current from TRS Datacubes as at the end of September 2017.
* Seasonally adjusted ABS 8731.0 & 8752.0