Metal Engineering Tradesperson – Fabrication

If you think about the amount of metals used in construction you’ll understand why boilermakers, sheet metal workers and welders are important to the construction industry.

Builders use iron, steel, aluminium and reinforced concrete to build highways, bridges, large buildings and other large and/or heavy duty structures.  Sheet metal is used as a building material for roofing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning duct systems, guttering and downpipes, and the metal engineering tradesperson will be involved in the making and installation of these products.  Light metals such as aluminium are used to produce window and door frames, fasteners and flashings for homes and other buildings.

On site, the metal engineering tradesperson constructs steel columns, beams and girders according to plans. The steel sections are usually already cut to required size with holes predrilled for bolts and fixings. Once hoisted into position and aligned with the framework, they are then bolted or welded permanently into place.  A qualified and highly skilled metals tradesperson has a comprehensive knowledge of industrial welding and joining processes – and that’s really important when working on structures like bridges and other civil works that support heavy loads.

Metals engineering tradespeople may also work in factories and divide their time between manufacturing metal products and the installation of product on site.

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