Construction Futures Centre Updates

Exciting new developments are currently happening in the Construction Futures Centre to help visitors learn more about job roles in construction and where it can take them.

Exciting new developments are currently happening in the Construction Futures Centre (CFC) to help visitors learn more about job roles and career pathways in the construction industry.

As part of the new developments, we are refurbishing two existing exhibits and adding two new ones to the CFC.  The refurbishment is well underway with expected completion early February 2020 and the new exhibits will be installed by start of the second school term.

The existing residential house is being refurbished for a more immersive, engaging and physically interactive experience from both the ground floor and Mezzanine level of the CFC. Cutaways within the house will reveal what’s behind the wall and under the floors, providing a unique look at the layers of construction and how trades people work together to create a finished product. A new digital element will be incorporated to provide a multi age, scaffolded learning experience for visitors and for those returning to the CFC.  Visitors will have the opportunity to use an iPad and scan special markers in the house, drawing on augmented reality and short videos of tradespeople completing that aspect of a build to learn about the skills required and career progression that is possible.

The second exhibit undergoing a refurbishment is the Bridge, highlighting the civil construction sector of the industry.  A new, thoroughly revamped structure will showcase how a bridge is built and what’s behind the concrete, incorporating an interactive digital element whereby visitors can learn about each stage of bridge construction at the push of a button.  Incorporated into this exhibit will be unique, 3D models highlighting the stages of civil development using the Northlink project as an example.  Visitors will be able to light up various aspects of each model to learn more about the stages of development whilst learning a few fun facts along the way.

Lastly, we will have two new exhibits for the residential and civil area, focusing on the trades that help to construct houses and roads.  Both exhibits will use a top down projection and kinetic technology to create an augmented reality experience.  The exhibits will encourage visitors to work collaboratively in teams to complete tasks and contribute to different problem-solving tasks, encouraging tactile and kinaesthetic learning.  Both exhibits provide a structured experience for individuals to ‘make, build and assemble’, allowing visitors build and design their own house.  The exhibits will connect the current paraprofessional and trades occupations displayed in the CFC, bringing life to the process from start to finish.

The Construction Futures Team is excited to unveil the new exhibits and changes in 2020 after many months of working with the exhibition companies to provide a more engaging experience for visitors.

New Residential House Set

Kinetic Sand Civil Exhibit

Bridge Exhibit