Construction Industry Snapshot WA Sept 2018

The Industry employs 10.2% of the State Workforce.


The Industry employs 10.2% of the State Workforce.

With 4.6% growth in May 2018 compared to May 2017.


The industry employs over 65,400 tradespeople.

The industry employs 10.8% less workers than it did 12 months ago.


The industry employers 42.4% of the State’s apprentices.

Including electrical, there are currently 6,456 apprentices ‘in training’ which is a 1.7% decrease on the previous year. There has been a 23.8% reduction in apprenticeship overall attrition. There has been a 2.5% decrease in Construction apprenticeship commencements and an increase in Electrical apprentice commencements of 5.1%.


The industry employs 689 trainees.

Since 2016 there has been a 5.7% increase in Traineeships especially in the Civil Construction sector.

Building Approvals and Commencements*

Building Approvals

Total Dwelling Units – there was a total of 18,076 approvals for all types of Dwelling Units.

There was a reduction of 9.0% on the previous year to July 2018. However, between June and July 2018, approvals decreased by 14.7%.

Total Houses – there was a total of 13,480 approvals for houses.

There was a reduction of 9.5% in the year to July 2018 and a reduction of 1.0% in the last quarter. However, there was a 3.3% increase between June and July 2018.

Dwelling Commencements.

In the year to March 2018 there was a total of 18,897 dwelling commencements which is a 10.0% reduction over the year (annualised).

Construction Work Done

Residential – decrease of 1.3% in value in the last quarter to $6.14B.

There was a decrease in the value of work done of 8.8% on the previous twelve months to June 2018.

Non-Residential – a decrease of 2.3% in the last quarter to $4.67B.

There was an increase of 2.1% in the value of work done over the previous twelve months. This is an improvement on the year to June 2017 when there was a 4.9% decrease.


All interpretations and conclusions drawn from this data are those of the Construction Training Fund. Published in September 2018 using data based on the latest available monthly/quarterly ABS Data. Includes all types of occupations in the Building and Construction Industry. Overall attrition is the combination of cancellations and withdrawals.

*Seasonally adjusted ABS 8731.0 & 8752.0. All apprenticeship and training data is current from WAAMS as at end of June 2018.