The METRONET update has been provided by Dr Peter Ebell, Executive Director, Strategic Industry Projects, from North Metropolitan.

The METRONET update has been provided by Dr Peter Ebell, Executive Director, Strategic Industry Projects, from North Metropolitan TAFE.

METRONET is a key strategic priority for the Western Australian Government. The North Metropolitan TAFE has been assigned to implement the new METRONET Training Centre and build relationships with industry stakeholders to meet existing and future training needs.

  • The METRONET Training Centre (NMRTC) is at the design phase. The North Metropolitan TAFE is currently in the project scoping stage with the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) , Rail Sector Organisations, Building Management Works, Architects and other consultants.
  • The college has had little previous exposure to the rail industry, and so significant work has been done to understand their needs. This culminated in a whole of Rail Sector Industry Forum in October 2019 to validate industry skilling needs that the North Metropolitan TAFE METRONET Rail Training Centre will progressively need to satisfy.
  • The Western Australian rail industry workforce is estimated at 14,000, with a low labour turnover.
  • The Rollingstock sector requires training and engagement for a range of manufacture, repair and maintenance activities. The Rail Operations sector has acute skills shortages and priority training needs for Signalling and Electronics and Communications Technicians. The main Rail Infrastructure sector training needs are for track installers and maintainers.
  • All sectors above will be provided with the above training via foundation skills, enabling, entry, sub-trade, trade level and post-trade qualifications by the North Metropolitan TAFE MRTC, in early 2020.
  • The synergy between rail infrastructure and the civil construction sectors cannot be overestimated, and it is important that all tiers of Civil Infrastructure contractors participate in a review of skills required to meet METRONET, State, Federal and Private organisation Civil Infrastructure investments.
  • The estimated workforce in Western Australian of the Civil Infrastructure sector is 20,000, with a relatively high labour turnover. More engagement with training by this sector is sought, and consultations are proceeding with the Civil Construction Federation of Western Australian and the DTWD.METRONET Training Centre Concept Illustration