Try A Trade at South Metropolitan TAFE

South Metropolitan TAFE and CTF ran a tiling Try A Trade program.

During September 2018, South Metropolitan TAFE, in conjunction with the CTF, ran a Try A Trade that used tiling as one of the two trades the students experienced during the program.

Iain Middleton the lecturer from South Metropolitan TAFE, put a group of students through their paces.

There were students from different schools all working together and Iain always had his eye on getting the job done, but also ensuring it was an enjoyable experience. The joking and laughing from the group sure proved that!

Some students can be put off by the maths involved, but by understanding the practical application of the maths theory they learn in school, Iain was able to get everyone involved!

The Try A Trade is 100% funded by the CTF and comes at no cost to the school or students!

If you, or anyone you know is interested in CTF’s Try A Trade program, please go to for more information, or contact your school career advisor!