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Why should I do a construction short course?

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A construction short course is a great way to boost your career options in the construction industry. It’s an opportunity to expand your qualifications and to engage in upskill training. Many construction short courses will be eligible for a rebate by the Construction Training Fund (CTF), which can cover up to 80% of the costs of a completed course. The construction industry has many jobs available in Western Australia right now. Construction short courses can boost your qualifications, help you re-enter the workforce, or empower you to pivot into the construction industry.

What is a construction short course?

A construction short course is a course providing upskill training for the construction industry undertaken in a condensed period. The time can vary depending on the course and how quickly you want to complete it. Some can be as short as a day, while others can take months. The scope of a construction short course can encompass broader topics or more niche ones – the course length will influence this.

Why choose a career in construction in WA?

There are many advantages to working within WA’s construction industry. Currently, there is a high demand for workers, which means that a construction role can provide excellent job security. This is especially valuable in economically-challenging times. Many construction roles also allow you to keep physically active, which helps you to maintain your strength and health. Construction industry jobs can have quite a high earning potential, and depending on your career path, that can keep increasing. Western Australia has some of the highest paid construction workers in the world. Roles in the construction industry pull from a diverse array of people. You will meet people of all different backgrounds and experience levels on the job. Construction projects can make you feel like you are part of something bigger. They can often be part of large-scale enterprises such as infrastructure, government or mining projects. The skills developed for construction can be useful all across the world. Trades qualifications are universally valued in the job market and can typically be accredited in a different country without much trouble.

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What is demand like for construction jobs in WA?

Construction jobs are in high demand in Western Australia. There continues to be a residential building boom in Western Australia, resulting in a perpetual need for construction workers. Across roles, the individual demand and pay grade can vary significantly. Tradespeople, technical and supervisory positions are sought after. Tradespeople such as bricklayers, plumbers, stonemasons, electricians and plasterers, as well as general labourers, are necessary for most construction projects, whether housing or industrial. Technical roles such as construction estimators, crane operators and elevator technicians are particularly desirable for industrial construction projects. Supervisory roles such as forepersons or construction managers are necessary for all construction projects to coordinate workers.

What are the benefits of doing a construction short course?

A construction short course can help you boost your career prospects, re-enter the workforce or make a career pivot.

Boosting your career options

Short courses often help individuals take the next step in their careers. By providing upskilling opportunities, the trainee builds their knowledge base. This knowledge can then be used to gain a promotion or to apply for a more senior role. Getting additional qualifications may also let you do a wider variety of tasks in your workplace and possibly grow into different positions.

Re-entering the workforce

Short courses can be helpful for re-entering the workforce. They allow you to gain qualifications and provide an excellent way to level the playing field when applying to jobs if you are new to construction or have taken a break from the industry.

Making a career pivot

Short courses can be beneficial if you’re looking to switch to the construction industry from a different area. Short courses can have a relatively low time commitment. They are an opportunity to start building up skills for the construction industry gradually. This can make a career pivot much smoother.

What is the Construction Training Fund?

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) is a government-funded statutory authority for the construction industry of Western Australia. Our aim is to help companies within the WA building and construction industry meet the demand for skilled workers. CTF offers rebates for training completed towards careers in the construction industry. These rebates can cover anywhere up to 80% of the cost of a course.

How to claim a rebate for a construction short course

If eligible, you can claim your rebate directly from CTF. To make a claim, you must demonstrate primary and substantial involvement in construction projects within Western Australia. Specifically, you must show evidence that you have participated in on-site construction, installation or fabrication activities. In addition, you must provide proof of course payment through a receipt from a registered training organisation. You must also provide evidence of course completion in the form of a statement of attainment or certificate. Claims must be lodged within twelve months of course completion. Here’s some more information on how to submit a claim with CTF.

Which construction short courses are eligible for a rebate from CTF?

Construction short courses delivered through registered training organisations in WA are eligible for a rebate from CTF. Courses that use Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) or that public funds substantially support are not eligible. CTF offers a rebate for training courses in a variety of categories. Trade, technical and post-trade skills courses are covered under construction skills. The rebate can also cover industry skills, software skills, occupational licensing and occupational health and safety. If you are not sure whether your course is covered, feel free to contact CTF.

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