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CTF Sponsorship Opportunities

Construction Training Fund (CTF) supports the construction industry and the WA community through sponsorship of relevant training awards, activities and events that provide opportunities to communicate our vision that the construction industry is a career of choice and is safe, skilled and sustainable.

CTF’s sponsorship policy is designed to ensure every sponsorship we commit to aligns with our values, strategic initiatives and provides an opportunity to reach one or more of our key audience groups, and that all construction sectors receive sponsorship support from CTF.

If you are managing an event or initiative that will assist us in communicating our vision across a wide range of demographics and provides value for money via in-kind marketing benefits, find out more about or Sponsorship application process below.

Types of Sponsorship

CCFWA Awards Night
Motivation Foundation Graduation Student and CTF SEO Tiffany Allen

Awards For Excellence

CTF acknowledges the outstanding commitment and achievements of WA construction apprentices, trainees and trainers by providing funding support to eligible organisations who hold events that reward award winners directly.

How exactly does Award for Excellence funding work?

Each organisation can apply for funding for up to 8 award categories, up to $500 each, which is then to be provided to the winner by the organisation as financial support from CTF. CTF will then provide a further 25% of the total awards amount to the organisation in funding for event costs and administration.

For example, an organisation may have 8 apprentice and trainee award categories at their event, with every winner to be awarded $500 each, meaning a total of $4000 in awards funding to be granted as prizing for winners. CTF would then provide an additional 25% of $4000 ($1000) for event running costs, making the total amount of funding provided to the organisation $5000 (+gst).

Our Awards for Excellence program supports events such as Apprentice Award Nights and Graduation events, usually run by Group Training Organisations, Registered Training Organisations and Membership Organisations. However, we encourage all eligible organisations to apply.

If you have applied for Awards for Excellence funding in the past, please note you will now need to apply using our new online Awards For Excellence application form below.

Construction Industry Events

CTF sponsors building and construction industry events, to assist the industry in informing and discussing important topics with members and driving thought leadership.

CTF aims to sponsor a mix of both small and large-scale events, across all sectors of the construction industry, with a focus on events that are attended by tradies and small to medium business owners.

If you are seeking sponsorship of an industry event that meets the criteria, please apply using our online Industry and Community Initiatives application form below.

Community Initiatives and Events

CTF also sponsors community-based initiatives and events, that provide an opportunity for the CTF to spread the word about the support we provide to industry and the benefits of careers in construction, to a broad and diverse range of people from all backgrounds.

CTF aims to sponsor a mix of both small and large-scale events and are looking to increase our support of events and initiatives that tradies, small to medium business owners, students, parents, and/or teachers participate in or attend.

If you are seeking sponsorship of a community initiative or event that meets thecriteria, please apply using our online Industry and Community Initiatives application form below.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for Awards for Excellence funding or sponsorship of an Industry or Community event or initiative, please fill out the relevant online application form.

Before you do, ensure you are prepared with the information needed for CTF to be able to assess your application. Information required includes:

  • Key event details, time, date, venue etc.
  • Expected audience/participant/spectator numbers
  • Details on audience/participant/spectator demographics
  • A clear outline of marketing benefits to be provided to CTF
  • An estimated value of the marketing benefits to be provided
  • The requested amount of sponsorship investment
  • Any relevant proposals, prospectus documents or marketing collateral

Approval Process

Every sponsorship application will be reviewed by CTF on a case-by-case basis.  CTF is required to assess the return on investment (ROI), values and audience alignment before committing to a sponsorship.

A deliverables calculator will be used to determine ROI, and a points system will be used to assess whether an event or organisations’ values and audiences align with CTF and its Strategic Plan.

CTF will assess each application based on the following criteria:

  • Value for Money/Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Alignment with CTF’s values
  • Alignment with CTF’s strategic initiatives
  • Alignment with CTF’s target audiences

Successful applicants will be notified by email, please allow up to two weeks for your application to be assessed and processed.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.