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Industry News

While keeping up to date on industry news and events is an intrinsic part of what we do at Construction Training Fund, we are also advocates for the individuals in the industry achieving personal goals, redefining career success, and leading the way in championing change.

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Cash boost to help construction apprentices complete training

The Cook government has just announced a range of new funding initiatives to support the Western Australian economy, with continued investment in infrastructure and training. New initiatives funded by the Construction Training Fund

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Man with high vis and a hard hat

Shining the Spotlight on Workplace Safety in Construction

It’s never too late to get involved in workplace health and safety (WHS).  At CTF, we understand the importance of fostering safe and healthy workspaces. We know how exciting and dynamic construction workplaces can be–but also their dangers. By learning about safe work practices, we can develop inviting, hazard-free workplaces for ourselves and others. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide on workplace safety in construction, including all the tips and tricks to keeping yourself, and your workmates, safe all […]

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female prestart consultant

The Rise of White-Collar Jobs in Construction

Construction isn’t just about manual trades. Where there are tradies on the ground building amazing projects, there are white-collar workers behind the scenes designing and planning. White-collar, also referred to as paraprofessional, roles in construction typically refer to office-based positions like architecture and project management. These roles are just as important as bricklayers and concreters when it comes to executing high-quality, functional, and safe building projects. With a national white-collar skills shortage, the construction industry is calling out for qualified […]

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Female trade worker doing concreting work

Are Wet Trades Still Important in 2024?

Wet trades are still the foundation of most large building and infrastructure projects. They’re trades that use water to mix materials, so crafts like concreting, tiling, and painting. Wet trades encompass some of the longest-standing construction disciplines; without exaggeration, they’ve helped create the world we live in! What is a wet trade? “Wet trade” is a broad term describing trades that use materials mixed with water. Think plaster, paint, and concrete. If there’s water involved, it’s probably a wet trade.  […]

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Two trade workers carrying a plank of wood

10 Types of Construction Short Courses Supported by CTF

Construction short courses are an excellent way to upskill quickly in the construction industry. With a short course, you gain useful qualifications in record time. Short courses cover a range of different skills, with a mix of theoretical and practical training depending on the trade. The downside? They aren’t always cheap. Luckily, you may be eligible for funding from the Construction Training Fund (CTF). We provide funding for various courses in different industries. Here are some short course types subsidised […]

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civil mentoring

Constructing Careers: The Power of Construction Mentoring Programs

If you’re looking to propel your construction company or career to the next level, consider a construction mentoring program.   Construction mentoring programs allow experienced career professionals to guide less experienced workers, such as apprentices and trainees. A construction mentoring program can be set up internally in a company, or supplied by an external provider.  What are construction mentoring programs? Construction mentoring programs are training strategies that involve experienced industry professionals passing on skills and knowledge to newer workers. A construction […]

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tiling apprentice

CTF Scholarship Student Takes National Stage

After dominating regionals, Christian Malinovic is on his way to the 2023 WorldSkills Australia National Championships! He’ll be one of seventeen Western Australian entrants showcasing their amazing trade skills and competing for a chance to join the Skills Squad and compete on an international stage.  Christian discovered tiling at a skills expo, and it definitely made an impression. When his school presented the opportunity to participate in CTF’s Scholarship Program, he grabbed it with both hands. His admirable work ethic […]

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Four builder standing in front of a newly built residential house.

Promoting Mental Health in Australia’s Construction Industry

Mental health is an increasingly important topic in Australia, and the construction industry is no exception. As research and communication continue to improve, the construction industry must prioritise its workers’ mental health and well-being. Providing support for every worker in the industry is crucial in promoting a safe and healthy workplace. What is creating mental health issues in the construction industry? Mental health is a growing concern in Australia’s construction industry. Construction workers often face high-pressure situations, dangerous work environments, […]

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Apprentice on a job site of a partially built house.

How to Get a Construction Apprenticeship in Western Australia

Considering a career in the construction industry? Wise move – construction continues to grow, remaining one of the dominant job markets in Australia.  There are various ways a person can secure an apprenticeship, but all require an employer signing you up and an Australian Apprentice Support Network provider completing a training contract. An apprenticeship is ideal for practical learning, industry exposure, and gaining valuable skills while earning an income. To improve your chances of success, consider enrolling in a pre-apprenticeship […]

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The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.