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Pre-apprenticeship Payment

Pre-Apprenticeship Award

Gain a competitive advantage with a pre-apprenticeship. A pre-apprenticeship course can help you choose the right path for your future while gaining the best skillset for the job.

Before committing to a full apprenticeship, why not try entry-level training to find your trade of choice? When you complete a recognised construction pre-apprenticeship, you can claim an award payment of $250 from CTF. 

What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Pre-apprenticeships are a practical way to build your skills and gain a more promising look into the industry and your desired trade.

These courses are Certificate II qualifications that create a stepping stone from school to trade apprenticeship. You’ll learn specific training that prepares and gives you the basic skills to start working in the construction industry.

What are the Benefits?

There is no requirement to complete a pre-apprenticeship. But if you want a competitive advantage against other job seekers, a pre-apprenticeship can make it easier to start a career in construction.

Benefits include:

  • Build foundation skills in the trade you’re interested in, making you more employable for companies looking for apprentices
  • Explore an industry or trade without committing to a full apprenticeship
  • Bulk up your resume with industry-specific work experience
  • Set yourself up for success with valuable, on-the-job skills
  • Access a network of training contacts useful for building your career
  • Get completed training credits

How long does a pre-apprenticeship take?

Generally, a pre-apprenticeship course lasts between three and six months, including work experience.

The course includes a combination of classroom training and hands-on, on-site work. The skills you learn in a pre-apprenticeship will go towards your full apprenticeship.

What pre-apprenticeships does CTF’s $250 cover?

To get the $250 pre-apprenticeship payment from CTF you must successfully complete one of the following courses:

Completed full-time through a registered training provider:

Certificate II Building and Construction (52893WA) streams:

Certificate II Electrical Mechanic Career Start (UEE code)

Certificate II Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (MEM code)

Completed whilst enrolled in a Western Australian secondary school, as part of a recognised WACE program:

Certificate II Building and Construction (52893WA) streams:

  • Bricklaying & Blocklaying
  • Carpentry
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plastering
  • Roof Plumbing
  • Roof Tiling
  • Wall & Ceiling Fixing
  • Wall & Floor Tiling
  • Certificate II Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (MEM code)
  • Certificate II in Civil Construction
  • Certificate II in Plumbing

Is a pre-apprenticeship nationally recognised?

Because a pre-apprenticeship course is part of larger training, it is fully accredited but doesn’t give you a nationally recognised qualification on its own. Combined with a full apprenticeship, however, your qualifications are recognised throughout the building and construction industry in Australia. 

How to submit a claim for a Pre-Apprenticeship Award

  1. Sign up to use the portal. Select individual as Account Type. (Wait for CTF to validate your log in, you will receive an email once validated)
  2. Log in to the portal on the computer (not mobile phone)
  3. Create a claim
  4. Add claim
  5. Select pre-apprenticeship claim type
  6. Fill in all sections and click next
  7. Select a school and click next
  8. Before uploading your certificate, ensure the document title has no special characters in it such as $ ( - _ * etc. Upload the certificate by clicking the red upload button and click next
  9. Tick once you have read the conditions and click submit

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