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Awards For Excellence Application Form

Terms and Conditions

1.1 Eligible Organisations

Applicants for CTF Awards for Excellence funding support must have active and direct involvement in the employment and/or training of apprentices/trainees in the West Australian construction industry and may include:

  1. Membership organisations
  2. Group Training organisations
  3. Registered Training organisations

Regional and/or affiliate branches existing within Western Australia can all be considered using just one application but in doing so, the applicant must nominate themselves as the representative responsible for ensuring CTF guidelines are adhered to for each branch/organisation.

1.2 Funding

Applicants can apply for a maximum of $4,000 (+GST) in funding for awards. The value of each award must not exceed $500.  An additional amount of 25% of the total awards funding can be claimed for event running costs. Therefore, up to$5000 (plus GST) in total funding is available.

Each organisation (including its regional and affiliate branches) has access to up to $5000 per year in funding. For example, if an organisation is running multiple eligible events, the total amount of funding available for all events combined is $5000 (plus GST).

1.3 Award for Excellence Recipients

Recipients eligible for CTF funding under the Awards for Excellence program are:

  1. Apprentices / Trainees working in construction in WA whose employers are eligible for the CTF’s Employer Grants program
  2. Students completing their construction-related Certificate II pre-apprenticeship at school or full-time out of school
  3. Eligible employers / Host employers promoting excellence in training or fostering a strong safety culture

1.3 Awards Event

Organisations granted Awards for Excellence funding must agree to have the Award(s) presented to recipients as a Construction Training Fund Award for Excellence, as part of a formal Awards program.

Where possible, the awards should be co-presented by CTF at the Awards event.

1.4 Invoicing

Once an application has been approved, CTF will make payment upon receipt of a valid tax invoice

Invoices should clearly state:

  1. CTF Awards for Excellence Funding
  2. Number of participants being awarded
  3. GST

1.5 Application

Organisations granted Awards for Excellence funding must agree to formally recognise CTF at the event as an event or award sponsor.

To be considered for Awards for Excellence funding organisations can apply directly to CTF via the application form above.

Applications must be submitted at least 4 months prior to the event date to allow for assessment of application, approvals, processing of payment and inclusion of CTF in the promotion of the event, to fully maximise marketing benefits provided to CTF by the applicant.

1.6 Promotion and publicity

Where possible CTF is to be provided a minimum of two (2) tickets (or the opportunity to purchase two tickets) for suitable CTF representatives to attend the event and present the awards funded under the Awards for Excellence program.

CTF will provide an electronic logo suite for use on relevant award event marketing collateral.

If promotional material and information is provided by the applicant, CTF will promote the awards event on its social media channels and any other suitable platforms.

Post the awards event any relevant media and photography is to be provided to CTF for marketing and promotional purposes.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.