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Pathways into Construction

Fast track your career with an industry-endorsed pathway into construction. Our team helps Years 9 to 12 students develop skills and invest in the right education, so you can be in a stronger position to be recognised in the industry.

Building and construction is an industry with incredible opportunities. For young, hard-working people in particular, there’s a pipeline of projects in a broad variety of trades that offer long-term security and success. Combined with government support and incentives, we make it easy for you to consider construction as a profession and further your career.

Ready to make yourself more employable?

You can begin your construction career as early as Year 9. The Construction Futures team gets you work-ready with the essential skills and valuable career advice to action.

Explore Career Opportunities

There is a long line of WA construction and infrastructure projects that need skilled workers. If you’re looking to expand your career possibilities, it’s important to invest in your education first to give yourself the best shot.

We can help you make connections between school subjects and post-school prospects by exploring all pathway options. Whether you’re thinking about trying a trade or working in the business and admin side of the industry, there are many courses and career paths to discover.

These include, but are not limited to, jobs in:

  • Design
  • Business development
  • Civil engineering
  • Environmental advising
  • Estimating
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Project managing
  • Painting and decorating
  • Structural engineering
  • Urban and regional planning


Start your construction pathway in Years 9 to 12 via the Try-A-Trade program.

Through the fully-funded course, you will try two to three trades. The program raises awareness of construction careers and supports students in making the right choices for their future.

Courses run for up to three days and connect you with an Industry Training Advisor who can outline the next steps for selecting the right school subjects to support your career.

Interested in trying trades? Register now.

Gain a Pre-Apprentice Scholarship

The unemployment rate for young Australians is historically higher than the rest of the population. However, when you complete a pre-apprenticeship you are more likely to be employed before you turn 25 years old. There are other benefits of completing a pre-apprentice scholarship too, such as higher income, job security and increased trade opportunities. Studies show students who undertake a pre-apprenticeship have a better chance of completing an apprenticeship. They may even get a chance to show their skills in competitions.

Construction Training Fund supports students with an industry-endorsed head start. With our fully-funded program, you can combine education and study with training and may be able to reduce your time as an apprentice.

Be part of the strong demand for students who have completed a scholarship and learn essential trade skills.

VET Programs and Support

Your pathway to construction can also include construction-based VET programs at school and TAFE.

VET programs prepare you for real-world jobs in a growing industry, as well as gain a stronger understanding of what subjects you should be taking to further your career. Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are delivered to secondary students and give the perfect introduction to the world of work.

Talk to your VET coordinator or Career Practitioner at your school.

Tertiary Options

There are some building and construction careers that need you to have a university degree.

Engineering and architecture are two examples that need higher qualifications. Depending on the university qualification, you may be able to access it via a TAFE certificate first. For example, completing a diploma in building design can get you into architecture. If you’re unsure, or the trade or job of your choice starts with a tertiary qualification, contact an ITA to help determine the right construction pathway for you.

Pre-requisites for some trades are in place for school leavers and mature-age students, so it’s important to check to ensure you have the right qualifications.

Unsure where to start?

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.