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Want a career you'll love?

Construction Futures is all about finding your ideal job in the construction industry.  There are many benefits to working in this industry. You’ll enjoy a varied career full of opportunities and development. Whether you’re interested in becoming a bricklayer, a civil engineer or a prestart consultant, there’s a perfect job waiting for you to discover.

CTF offers great initiatives that allow students real hands-on experience as early as Year 9 with the Try-A-Trade Program. Our Scholarship Program offers students a step up into their career whilst they finish high school.

Benefits of working in the construction industry

Construction surrounds our everyday lives. It creates our homes, offices, roads, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and much more.  In Western Australia almost 9% of the State workforce work in construction, so here’s a look into why all these people have chosen to work in this diverse industry.

Job Security

We are living in unprecedented times with sky high demand for construction jobs. However, even in more economically challenging times there is always a need for building and construction work whether it’s infrastructure, commercial, residential or resources construction.

Great Health Benefits

You’ll need some physical strength and stamina to keep up with the demands of the construction industry. This should motivate you to keep fit and healthy and the great thing is that a day at work can burn more calories than a session at the gym!

Earn Good Money

Wages widely vary depending on the sector, trade and level but in general you have the potential to earn a healthy income.  The salary in the construction industry is higher than the national average with limitless potential to earn more.

Diversity in the Industry

There are many career pathways within the construction industry, and there are roles for everyone, from all backgrounds with all levels of experience. No matter what you initially qualify as you may be able to use these skills to diversify into different sectors, work your way up the ladder, or even start your own company and become your own boss.

Be Part of Something Big

The construction industry isn’t just about building houses, it encompasses huge infrastructure, government, and mining projects. It’s exciting to work on such vast projects which can evoke a feeling of great pride.

Work Anywhere

You can use your construction skills to work anywhere in the world. Sure, you might have to do a short course to have qualification recognised in some countries, but many trades are universal.

Every day is different in the construction industry, and you’ll never be stuck behind a desk. Start searching the many jobs on offer, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you and your lifestyle.

To find out how you can make your construction career dream a reality, speak to one of our Industry Training Advisors who will help guide your path to a successful career. You can email or call us on (08) 9244 0100.

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