Building Surveyor

There isn’t a building in Australia that does not require the expertise of a building surveyor, whether it’s the Sydney Opera House, the new Perth Children’s Hospital, the Roe Highway extension or new apartments in Port Hedland.

Building surveyors are responsible for making sure buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient and have an impact on the design, planning and functionality of building.  They are experts in the laws and regulations that control  construction and safety, advise builders and owners on building policy and legislation, make recommendations to the appropriate authorities regarding the provision of community amenities and visit building sites to make inspections. They detect and diagnose problems with design issues, construction techniques and materials, and manage the inspection process from foundations through to completion.

Suggested pathway into building surveying:
  • Certificate II in Construction Business

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On the job training
Accredited Certificate
Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate
Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Tertiary Degree

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