Civil Engineer

Are you interested in solving real problems using scientific knowledge and engineering know how?  Do you want to combine your creativity and ingenuity with leading edge technology to make a difference to our built environment?

Civil engineers plan, design, construct, operate and maintain roads, bridges, dams, water supply schemes, sewerage systems, transportation, harbours, dockyard facilities, airports, railways, factories and large buildings.  They may specialise as: structural engineers; materials and testing engineers; highways engineers; airport engineers; geotechnical/soil engineers or harbour engineers.

Civil engineers are employed by large or boutique engineering firms, Government agencies, contractors and consultants.  Consulting and contracting engineers often travel for their work – both interstate and overseas.

After completing a degree, graduates work for 3 to 4 years to gain professional experience.  After passing the profession examination they can work as fully qualified civil engineers in almost any country in the world without needing any extra qualification.

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“To engineer is to make things happen.” Webster’s Dictionary