Concrete is one of the most durable materials used in construction and has been in use since ancient times.  Once set, concrete – a mixture of Portland cement, sand, gravel and water – becomes the foundation for everything from decorative patios and floors to huge dams or kilometres of roadways.

Concreters pour, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and marine structures using hand tools, vibrators, pumps, trowelling machinery and other power tools.  They may specialise as concrete finishers on concrete footings and slabs and may also work in tilt-up construction, which involves laying concrete and finishing it on site.

There is a growing industry in pre-cast concrete where concrete elements are cast and cured in factories and then transported to the site for erection.

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The foundations of the Colosseum, Rome AD82, were made of dense concrete, while lightweight concrete was used in some of the arches and vaults.