Crane Operator

Do you get a buzz out of the skill tester at your local amusement arcade?  Does your dexterity and precision with the controls and claw win you a prize every time?  Then why not look skyward for a job with a view?

Crane operators operate mobile or stationary cranes to lift, move and position machinery, equipment and other large objects at locations such as construction sites, wharves and shipyards.  In the construction industry, crane operators may operate cranes such as tower cranes which are erected and dismantled on site and mobile cranes, which are usually truck-mounted.

Crane operators require specialist training and certification for each type or class of crane used in construction. Even though they may be sitting in a secure cab way up in the sky, crane operators work in teams with riggers and doggers; specialist, skilled workers who maintain constant communication with the person in the sky about load security, movement and position.

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Nine steel girders, each weighing up to 94 tonnes and up to 54 metres long, were lowered into place by crane for the new Narrows central rail bridge.