Foundation Construction Worker

Solid, firm foundations are necessary to stop buildings leaning to one side or from falling over.  Most foundations extend underground, and the foundations of large buildings often penetrate to the bedrock.  A pile is one type of building foundation.  Piles are used when the soil near the ground surface is not stable and the weight of the building must be carried by deeper soil layers.

Foundation construction workers are involved in the construction of foundations, piling and anchors for bridges, wharves, roadways, large excavations and large multi-storey buildings.  Some of the tasks they might do on site include boring and driving piles, installing temporary and permanent rock anchors, installing primary ground support systems, operating plant and equipment and checking levels.

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The tower in Pisa, Italy, is famous because it leans. Building commenced in 1173 but stopped and started until completion nearly 200 years later in 1350. Even though the tower was built on unsuitable ground, the fact that it took such a long time to build may be the main reason it hasn’t fallen over.