Harbour Engineer

Without the expertise of the civil engineers who specialise in harbour engineering, the ships that carry cargo from continent to continent would not have a safe berth to load and unload passengers or cargo.

Harbour engineers are responsible for the design and supervision of the construction of harbour facilities such as breakwaters, navigation aids, navigation channels, jetties, wharves, heavy-duty pavement surfaces, cargo sheds and bulk handling plants for grain, ore and other cargo.

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Until the 1840s there was no road between Fremantle and Perth, and a limestone bar blocked the mouth of the Swan River. In 1891 C Y O’Connor designed and then oversaw the construction of Fremantle Harbour. The project involved blasting and dredging the rocky bar to create a channel, dredging to deepen the river basing and construction of two moles to protect the entrance to the harbour. The Inner Harbour was opened on 4th May 1897.