Interior Decorator

Do you like the sound of a job that lets you use your creativity to make homes and businesses more appealing and comfortable?

Interior decorators plan, arrange and style the space, finishes and furnishings of building interiors.  They specify furniture, lighting, flooring, colour and fabrics to produce an environment tailored to a purpose.  Interior decorators often work directly with the person who will occupy the space rather than working with other building or business professionals and must develop the skills to identify and accommodate another individual’s taste.

Many customers of interior decoration services buy these services for their personal home and business environments and only require these skills occasionally. So it is common for interior decorators to be employed in retail and consulting businesses such as interior decoration firms that mix both design and the retail supply of furnishings and interior design consultancies.

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On the job training
Accredited Certificate
Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate
Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Tertiary Degree

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