Landscape Architect

The built environment is not only about houses, offices, hotels and other structures.  Our surroundings are important too.  The plaza where we have a morning coffee break, the parks in which we enjoy a picnic and even the Perth Zoo have all been influenced by the work of landscape architects.  Today most construction projects have a landscape architect as a vital member of the design team.

Landscape architects plan and design open space areas for projects such as parks, schools, hospitals, roads, malls, plazas, sports complexes, holiday resorts, hotel complexes, shopping centres, airports, housing subdivisions, national parks, playgrounds and commercial, industrial and residential sites.  Landscape architecture combines creative design with a knowledge of materials and techniques used in landscape construction and engineering and an understanding of natural and social systems.

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The design of Olympic Boulevard and Olympic Plaza for the Sydney 2000 Games included more than $50 million worth of landscape work.