Head for heights required!

If you don’t mind working at heights up to and over 300 metres, are safety conscious and have good communication skills then you might like to consider a job that gets things all rigged up.

In the construction industry, riggers are the people who expertly use ropes, pulleys, cables, chains, and other gear to move a heavy load from one place to another. Their job is highly specialised using equipment specially designed for moving, lifting and positioning machinery and gear weighing hundreds of tons.There are three certificate levels for rigging, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each certificate is a prerequisite for the next level and allows the rigger to work with more complex equipment. A basic rigger will mainly be erecting steel columns and roofing for simple buildings such as factories.  Intermediate riggers work in concrete construction and on more complex construction sites. An advanced rigger gets to work on even more complicated projects.

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The Ice Palace set for the Bond movie “Die Another Day” took 22 riggers, along with a vast number of other tradespeople, six months to build. It took 88 kilometres of scaffolding to construct the main spine beams holding the plaster and timber clad ceilings and was sat on a rostrum strong enough to withstand the spectacular car chase sequence.