Road Worker

Western Australia has more than 174,000 kilometres of highways, freeways and roads that require maintenance. Road workers repair and maintain these thousands of kilometres of existing roads as well as build new ones.

Maintenance work may include repairing potholes and cracks, widening roads, digging access trenches for supplies such as gas, telephone or water, and re-surfacing roads so that they are safe for motorists and pedestrians.

Some of this work is done manually with tools, but heavy jobs involve a range of specialised machinery such as pneumatic drills, 360-degree excavators and rollers. Road workers also mix and spread materials such as aggregate, tarmac and concrete, build or repair pavements, lay kerbs, paint road markings, and erect fences, barriers, road signs, traffic lights and street lamps.

Road workers also incorporate workers who are trained in traffic management, to enable the safe use of roads during maintenance or construction works.

Suggested pathway into road work:
  • Certificate II in Civil Construction

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