Steel Fixer

As the buildings in which we work and live become taller and more complex, the technology to strengthen them to withstand stresses of load, climatic and geological forces has taken giant leaps forward.

Concrete cracks under relatively small loads or temperature changes because of low tensile strength. To improve strength and durability, steel reinforcement is incorporated into concrete to prevent cracking or to control the size of crack openings. Depending on the type of concrete mix and steel used, reinforced concrete structures can support 300 to 500 times their combined weight.

Off-site, a steel fixer cuts and bends the steel bars and stirrups required in the preparation of the steel mesh used for reinforced concrete.  On-site, steel fixers follow plans showing the location, number and size of the reinforcing bars, and assemble, position and secure the steel bars or mesh for reinforced concrete floors, walls and other elements of the buildings or structures.

Suggested pathway into steel fixing:
  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Trades Pathway)

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