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Sustainabilty Consultant or Environmental Officer

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Sustainability Consultants/Environmental Officers are responsible for addressing and finding solutions to issues such as reducing waste, mitigating the effects of global emissions and climate change, and protecting biodiversity.


Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Management


Residential / Civil / Commercial

What might a working day look like?

May perform tasks including:

  • Developing sustainability plans to be implemented both during construction and for the operation of a site
  • Evaluating and analysing sustainable practices to be used throughout a project such as waste management, water efficiency and sustainability implementation
  • Performing environmental inspections and audits on sites using drones.
  • Using technology to positively impact the construction industry by improving design and construction practices such as gathering data to monitor energy and water savings
  • Attending progress meetings with clients and contractors

Working hours & conditions

  • Full-time hours per week
  • Mix of office and site work

Skills and personal qualities

  • Able to understand and read technical drawings and plans
  • Have a careful, methodical and accurate approach to work and willingness to learn
  • Good time management, problem-solving, organisation and leadership skills
  • Excellent math skills and enjoy working with new technologies
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to deal with a range of personalities
  • Passionate about sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment

How to get started

To become a Sustainability Consultant you will need to complete a Bachelor degree in Sustainable Development at university. Contact individual universities for course availability and determine if they have any pre-requisites before selecting your Year 11 subjects and applying. Your school careers advisor can help you with information on how to enrol at university.

Future Pathways and opportunities

  • Community Development Officer
  • Eco-preneur (starting green businesses)
  • Sustainability Educator
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Management or Leadership roles

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.