Teacher Resources

The school excursion learning activities have been developed to help you provide a focused learning experience for your students before, during and after an excursion to the Construction Futures Centre.

Each learning activity is linked to the Western Australian Curriculum and the employability or ‘work ready’ skills.

Year 9 - Making connections with the built environment

What helps us to feel connected to the built environment? Students will identify components of buildings and learn how and why they feel connected to it.   In doing so, they will consider job roles, skills and capabilities in the industry and their importance in the design and construction processes.

Year 11 - Design with purpose

Students examine the role of design in the construction industry over time and associated roles and use their understanding of design principles to create and critique designs.

Year 12 - Careers in construction

Students develop a career plan designed by themselves to support them in accessing a chosen career in the construction industry.

Year 12 - Powering modern communities

What is innovative energy usage and how is it being developed and applied in the construction industry?  Students research innovation in energy use and how it is used in new and existing homes.