For young people keen to develop a rewarding and satisfying start to their working life, the career opportunities in construction have never been more diverse and appealing.

CTF can assist you and your school by providing the following programs.

Try-A-Trade Program

The Try-A-Trade program is managed and 100% funded by the CTF and is available to all year 9 and 10 students throughout Western Australia.

The program is designed as a first step for those who demonstrate an interest, into a career in building and construction and gives students a taste of different trade areas to allow them to make more informed choices. They run between March and November and are three days in length.

Try-A-Trade exposes students to a real trade training environment, with courses coordinated and delivered by specialist trade training organisations and trade qualified lecturers. The CTF’s Industry Training Advisors attend each course and deliver presentations to the group with relevant information about the next steps in their career and education.

Each Try-A-Trade course focuses on 2 or 3 specialist trade areas, and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plumbing
  • Tiling
  • Electrical

There is also a one–day program that introduces students to another aspect of the industry, focusing on careers in; design, business, scheduling, estimating, drafting, planning and more. Try-a-Trade programs are delivered to thousands of WA school students each year. And because the CTF fully funds each course, there’s no cost to the schools and students who take part.

For more information on the TAT program, please contact the Training Support Team.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is a VET in School program designed to deliver the best students to industry. The qualifications are endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and can account for four units towards WACE upon completion.

The course will run with Certificate II programs at specialised, handpicked RTOs that also included 20+ hours of mentoring and specialised training completed by industry specialists and experienced mentors.

The students will need to apply and successfully complete an interview process to be considered for this program.

This is 100% funded by the CTF so will be at absolutely no cost to the school, students or parents.

Students who successfully complete this two-year commitment will be highly sought within the industry after graduating school.

Students that successfully complete one of the following qualifications as part of their WACE can apply to the CTF for an Award of $250.

Certificate II in Building and Construction: Trades Pathway

The Trade Pathway provides students with the essential theory, skill and workplace experience for entry into construction trades.

During the first year of the course Year 11 students will undertake key competencies common to a range of trades and combine this with site-based work experience.

In the second year (Year 12), students can select from six trade-specific competencies and combine these with site-based work experience.

Upon successful completion, students will receive the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Trade Pathway).

Certificate II in Building and Construction: Business Pathway

The Business pathway provides students with essential skills, knowledge and work experience across Years 11 and 12 that will help towards entry into further study and/or employment in key construction occupations such as estimating, scheduling, administration, design, planning and drafting.

Upon completion, students will be awarded the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Para-Professional Pathway).

Certificate II Plumbing

It covers practical and theoretical training plus work experience placement for students interested in pursuing a career in Plumbing & Gas fitting or Roof Plumbing. The course is the same as would be completed during a ‘pre-apprenticeship’ and directly articulates in a Plumbing Apprenticeship.

All Plumbing Apprentices would have completed this course prior to attaining a Plumbing apprenticeship.

Students that successfully complete the Certificate II in Building and Construction (through either Pathway), the Cert II Civil Construction or the Certificate II in Plumbing are eligible to apply for a $250 Award from the CTF.

Career Promotion

School presentations

One of the CTF’s Industry Training Advisors can be booked to come to your school and talk to students about the many career opportunities in the construction industry.

The Advisor will provide expert knowledge of the industry, the apprenticeship and traineeship system, the span of careers available, and will no doubt have some great stories to tell about career development.

The CTF’s representative will discuss your requirements and tailor a presentation to suit the age range and/or the number of students in each group.

If you would like to arrange a guest speaker for your student program, please contact CTF on 9244 0100 or email us.

Information materials

A range of brochures are available and can be distributed to schools upon request.

Descriptions of a range of different construction occupations and their qualification levels are available in the Careers section.

If you would like more information, please contact the CTF on 9244 0100 or email us.