Our Values


That the construction industry is a career of choice, and is safe, skilled and sustainable.


In collaboration with our stakeholders, we offer initiatives to develop and sustain an agile construction workforce; and to advocate construction as a career for all.

Our vision

That the construction industry is a career of choice, and is safe, skilled and sustainable.

Our mission

In collaboration with our stakeholders, we offer initiatives to develop and sustain an agile construction workforce; and to advocate construction as a career for all.


We are adaptable and resilient, and we anticipate change. We facilitate a sustainable construction industry.


We act with fairness, honesty and transparency, and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


We engage with each other, with our stakeholders and with the wider community, fostering empathy, diversity and inclusion.


We have the boldness and courage to innovate, and to strive in everything we do.


Strategic Plan

CTF has an important role to play, being part of something bigger. We will master our future working alongside and partnering with industry, Government, and the community.

This plan sets the vision, provides an inclusive pathway, and builds on our strengths to foster a safe, skilled and sustainable construction workforce that is critical to a strong and resilient Western Australia.

Communicate & Engage

CTF will actively reach out and engage with our stakeholders, our sector and the wider community, creating a useful exchange of information and advocating on behalf of the construction industry wherever we can.

Adapt & Innovate

CTF will lead the industry in training reform and future-proofing of the sector, with an agile and responsive methodology that can meet changing market conditions.

Advocate & Assist

CTF will be a clear voice for construction advocacy, giving support to others in their advocacy for the construction industry, and engage with the right people to build construction up as a career of choice.

Sustain & Optimise

CTF will develop the right initiatives, operational processes and plans to build strong relationships with stakeholders and the government, and be a model of best practice, responsible and trusted industry representation.

Strategic Initiatives2025 goals
Develop a construction industry stakeholder Consultation and Engagement PlanPositive stakeholder awareness and feedback (via formal survey)
Develop Communications and Marketing Strategy together with associated implementation plansIncreased brand awareness and sophistication, effectiveness and measurability of marketing content and platforms used
Develop an information hub and formal feedback processPositive stakeholder awareness and feedback
Develop initiatives for SMEs and sole tradersPrograms are aligned to the needs of the industry
Engage the resources and construction sectors, regional stakeholders and communities at every opportunity
Create programs to encourage more diverse cultural groups
Create initiatives to engage parents, VET Co-ordinators and career advisors to improve their understanding of the construction industryCreate a positive perception of the construction industry
Strategic Initiatives2025 goals
Review of the apprenticeship model with industry, and consideration of how CTF should fund these programs.Number and diversity of apprentices, and level of engagement with CTF
Identify, review and optimise declining trades
Review post-trade professional development for qualified contractorsEstablished pathways and skill sets to meet industry shifts in product and workforce changes
Support the skills required for alternative building materials and methodsSuitable skills to support modern methods of construction are included in the appropriate training packages
Develop excellence in construction workforce research and data analyticsCTF is the “go-to” organisation for workforce data, research and planning
Develop strategies to assist industry in managing the rises and falls of the construction industry; “train the trainers” programThe workforce is aligned to the forecast pipeline of works, with ongoing facilitation of training and upskilling
Develop and implement a Workforce Culture and Diversity StrategyTo see improvements in diversity and culture within the industry, and to ensure that CTF is a best practice organisation
Strategic Initiatives2025 goals
Implement a sponsorship and awards strategyBroad and varied portfolio of events, groups and initiatives that are sponsored by CTF
Develop a Strategic Plan for the Construction Futures Centre, with a focus on the resources sector, regional packs and optimisation of the CentreIncreased usage of the Construction Futures Centre and regional resources
Collaborate with aligned organisations to further our reach and strategic goalsValued partnerships have increased, providing a greater reach and variety
Engage with Government agencies on requirements for apprentices and trainees engaged under government contracts, including engagement by sub-contractorsGovernment contracts provide a shift in the culture of training
Support industry to improve physical safety and wellbeingPromote a safer and more inclusive industry
Strategic Initiatives2025 goals
Maintain and expand relationships with government agenciesEffective relationships in place
Review and optimise CTF’s internal operational systems and processes; develop CTF workforce structure, resourcing and office strategy.Have a developed workforce structure that has the capability and capacity to deliver the outcomes for the organisation, with strong compliance
Mitigate levy collection leakagePrograms are aligned to the changing needs of the industry
Review and evaluate CTF’s grants programsStrategic plan is an effective document for communication of direction of ICT Services at CTF
Develop ICT Strategic Plan and review and optimise CTF’s ICT systems and processesCTF has strong financial governance and complies with all government and Board requirements
Review and optimise CTF’s financial systems and processes

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.