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Apprenticeship and Traineeship Grant for Employers

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Apprenticeship and Traineeship Grant for Employers

CTF provides employers with support to build your business, and offset costs. Keep your workforce highly competent and relevant with qualified apprentices.

Our Employer Grant program provides funding support to ensure the construction industry is skilled and supported. If you employ a current apprentice or trainee you may be eligible.

Taking on an apprentice can help you meet the demand for new construction projects and set your business and team up for stronger project outcomes. 

Grant amounts

The apprenticeship grant for employers has a base rate of $3,000 to $10,000, depending on occupation and indenture term.

Employers have the potential to receive a grant of up to $21,000. In addition to the base grant, additional supplements are available for employing someone who has completed a pre-apprenticeship, is regional, female, indigenous and/or mature-aged.

Direct indenture

Employers are known as ‘direct indenture’ if they employ the apprentice/trainee directly. In this case, you provide on-the-job training along with a Registered Training Organisation and receive the grant directly from CTF.

The apprentice grant is totalled over the full term of the apprenticeship, which takes two to four years of full-time work to complete. This includes formal classroom off-the-job training with the RTO, as well as real-world, on-site training. To qualify for a trade certificate, the apprentice must demonstrate practical competence and complete all training.

As a direct indenture employer, you and your worker are also connected to a member of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network.

Group Training Organisations

If the worker is employed through a Group Training Organisation, the GTO receives the grant and uses it to reduce your hire-out rate. Look for this on the invoices they issue.

The GTO is responsible for organising off-the-job training on behalf of the worker and matches them with the employer for the on-site experience.

To be eligible for apprentice grants under the GTO program, the GTO must meet the criteria on the GTO Funds Management Agreement document. You can access this upon request from our team at CTF.

Apprentice Grant eligibility and adjustments

Whether you’re a sole trader, small business owner or a large organisation, you can benefit through CTF’s apprenticeship and traineeship grant for employers.

The final value for the grant is determined by CTF. We weigh up a range of supplement factors and calculate when the apprenticeship starts.  Eligible employers will receive funding during the indenture term.

We may be required to adjust the grant value if the following occurs:

  1. A reduction in term length from that specified in the training contract
  2. The employer is not the original employer of the apprentice
  3. The apprentice or trainee does not reach the scheduled payment instalment point

To find out what you can claim if you employ an apprentice or trainee, read our Levy and Funding Guidelines and visit the below sites to see what other incentives and support may be available to you:

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