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Eligibility for CTF Grants and Subsidies

Eligibility for CTF grants, subsidies and additional benefits depends on an individual’s or company’s ability to demonstrate primary and substantial direct involvement on projects in WA’s construction industry, specifically in on-site construction, installation and/or fabrication activities.

Eligible individuals may be self-employed, or employees of a construction company, and must be directly working in the building and construction process.

To help determine eligibility, we may request a detailed, recent work history and/or evidence of employment.

For the resources sector - we may defer making payments of grants, subsidies and additional benefits to eligible companies and individuals engaged in WA’s resources sector construction works if the levy has not been paid on the relevant project.

We recommend referring to our Information Guide ‘The CTF levy and WA’s resources sector’ for more information.

Who is not eligible for CTF grants, subsidies or additional benefits?

  • Local, State and Commonwealth Government departments, agencies, corporations and their employees.
  • Companies and individuals:
    • Engaged in exploration for resources (minerals, oil and gas) or construction work associated with resources exploration.
    • That perform resources operational works.
    • Engaged in decommissioning resources facilities.
    • Engaged in rehabilitation of resources operations.
    • That manufacture, supply, transport or deliver building products.
    • That manufacture, supply, deliver or install non-building products.
    • That provide maintenance or repairs of a minor or routine nature after the construction phase, including companies that perform minor maintenance, repairs and/or inspection of elevators and escalators.
  • Carpet laying or floor covering companies and contractors.

Eligibility for unemployed participants

If an individual is unemployed at the time of undertaking a CTF-recognised short course, they must be able to:

  • Demonstrate that since the training, they have secured employment/work in WA’s construction industry. This evidence must be provided within 12 months of completing the training.
  • Have written evidence of a relevant offer of employment (including commencement date) from an eligible construction company or contractor for direct employment in the construction industry.         

Unemployed participants may be required to provide additional documentation to assist us with processing the claim.

Employer Incentive Scheme (EIS)

Employers who are not successful in receiving a CTF grant may be eligible for the State Government’s Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive Scheme (EIS). Full details on eligibility are available from the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) website.

If an employer is deemed eligible to receive EIS funding, then you are not eligible for CTF apprenticeship funding. 

If an employer is not initially eligible for CTF grants, we will refer the employer to DTWD for assessment against the EIS Criteria.

Eligibility for CTF apprenticeship funding is assessed when an apprentice/trainee reaches a milestone, such as a claim date. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us.


Although the definition of construction refers to ‘on-site’ activities, under certain conditions our subsidies for short training courses may also be provided to workers whose normal duties may not always require them to regularly attend site.

Service providers to the building and construction industry may be eligible for subsidised training in occupational health and safety.

The CTF has final determination on eligibility.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Construction Training Fund acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Western Australia and pay our respect to the Elders both past and present. We thank them for their ongoing custodianship of the lands and waters, and celebrate their rich culture of art, song, dance, language, and stories.