Funding Support

The CTF supports and subsidises training for those building WA by supporting the training and development of a skilled workforce.

There is enormous competition in the employment market and it is vital that the construction industry maintains an adequate number of skilled workers for current and future demands.

Subsidies are available to reduce training costs, making it easier for eligible businesses and employees to access the training they need when they need it.

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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

The CTF supports employers to reduce the cost of employing an apprentice or trainee in a range of construction occupations in WA.

If you employ an apprentice or trainee, you may be eligible to receive a grant totalling up to $25,000 over the full term of the apprenticeship to help reduce the cost of training.

If you employ your apprentice or trainee through a group training scheme (GTO), they will receive the grant and use it to reduce your costs.

The CTF grants are in addition to current employer incentives provided by the Commonwealth Government.

A handy guide about Apprenticeships is available here.

For more information on these and other financial incentives, contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) or alternatively the Apprenticeship Office on 13 19 54.

Short Course Rebates

The CTF Supplementary Skills Program provides support for eligible people working in the building and construction industry across a range of approved short training courses.

Subsidies of up to 80% are available to help reduce training costs for the development and enhancement of the skills required by a growing, contemporary industry

The areas of industry training courses supported through our Supplementary Skills Program are:

  • Construction Skills – courses designed to develop, maintain or enhance skills relevant to the building and construction industry;
  • Industry Skills – courses that meet the broader training needs of the industry in areas such as communication, tenders, small business management and supervisory skills;
  • Occupational Health & Safety – courses that meet the needs of the construction industry to ensure safe working practice;
  • Software Skills – designed to assist industry to develop foundation skills in areas such as Excel, MYOB, MS Project, etc; and
  • Occupational licensing

All courses supported by the CTF must be delivered by qualified training personnel through private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Use the search facility available at to help locate a registered training provider in your area or to find information about short training courses.

Eligible individuals and/or employers seeking Supplementary Skills subsidies need to submit the appropriate claim form on successful completion of the course to the CTF with all claims. Please refer to the Levy And Funding Guidelines for more detailed information relating to eligibility and subsidy rates for the Supplementary Skills program.

Recognition of Prior Learning

A subsidy of up to $400 is available to candidates who successfully complete a Recognition of Prior Learning/Skills Recognition (RPL) assessment towards obtaining a recognised building and construction trade qualification.

Accommodation Allowance

Eligible apprentices who have claimed relevant accommodation allowances from the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) may be able to claim an additional subsidy of up to $70 per training day to reduce costs incurred for booking commercial accommodation when attending off-the-job training with a registered training provider (RTO). Claimants must demonstrate that they have claimed relevant DTWD allowances.

Please note from the 2 Septemeber 2019 all claims for Supplementary Skills Training subsidies will need to be lodged online via our portal.
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