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Boosting careers in construction through funding

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CTF Upskilling and Short Course Funding

Technologies, rules and regulations in every industry evolve over time.

This includes the Australian construction sector, and particularly the residential building industry.

Where occupational health and safety was once a buzz term and learning on the job was once the norm, this is no longer the way (at least it doesn’t have to be).

Upskilling and short courses provide a strategic way for construction workers to keep up to date with changes impacting their role within the industry and provide a competitive edge when it comes to employability.

CEO of Construction Training Fund (CTF) Tiffany Allen says the biggest challenge currently facing the industry is an increasing skill shortage.

“Alleviating this challenge is one of CTF’s primary missions. We do this by subsidising training courses and offering employer grants to reduce the cost of training apprentices and trainees.”

Many workers are already onboard with bettering their opportunities, and already thinking about why upskilling is essential.

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Why is upskilling important?

  • Further training provides greater opportunities for workers to advance their building and construction career.
  • Upskilling keeps workers up to date especially as technology is playing a bigger role in the construction industry than it ever has before.
  • Provides networking opportunities – workers can make further friends in their field, or even get the opportunity to meet future bosses.

Common Upskilling and Short Courses

The CTF Upskilling and Short Course Funding Program provides subsidies to eligible construction workers for completing approved courses.

From apprentices or trainees, to workers already employed within the industry or construction business owners, our role is to help offset training costs with upskilling funding.

The most popular short course training delivered through registered training organisations (RTO’s) is for upskilling in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety and Construction Skills.

Why are these so popular?

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Workers can safely attend assigned worksites knowing they have the knowledge and skillset to support health and safety. If not only for themselves, but to properly safeguard others, too.
  • The confidence of occupational health and safety compliance and priceless peace of mind on your side.


  • Most apprentices, existing workers and building and construction business owners already know the demand for skilled workers is high, well-paying careers in building exist and climbing the opportunity ladder is very possible.
  • You might already know of the pathways into the industry such as Try-A-Trade, the Pre-Apprenticeship Scholarship Program, and VET Programs and Support.

There’s a definite focus on these two areas when it comes to upskilling and short course funding incentives. But there’s also so many more short courses with incentives.

Other claimable short courses

When you realise why upskilling is important, you don’t want to miss out on a potential rebate.

There’s no denying that Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) and building upskilling and short courses are what we’re known for, and naturally, the ones most claimed.

However, there are numerous other courses that the CTF offer a generous rebate on which benefit people working within the Australian building and construction industry.

Asbestos Awareness

Exposure to asbestos poses severe risks and long-term health consequences.

Asbestos awareness training supports worker safety within a working environment.

Knowing what asbestos is, what risks it poses and how to mitigate the risk for individuals and others is paramount in the building and construction industry.

Dogging and Rigging

Short courses and upskilling in dogging and rigging helps workers achieve everyday tasks necessary to the construction process, such as operating different equipment, staying safe on site and minimising exposure to health hazards.

First Aid

Onsite or offsite, a first aid short course could save a life or lessen the pain or effects of injury. CTF understands this and that’s why CTF offer funding incentives for eligible applicants on completed upskilling and short courses through an RTO.

Skid Steer

A short course in skid steer (Bobcat) refreshes existing knowledge on efficient loading, hauling, and distributing in day-to-day operational roles.


From working on large scale commercial building projects to residential two-storey or apartment dwellings, knowing how to utilise scaffolding safely and efficiently is advantageous in the building sector.

Working Safely at Heights

Safety on the worksite is essential whether it’s on the ground or at a height. Refresh your practical knowledge on preventing falls, identifying hazards and assessing, addressing risks with a Working Safely at Heights short course.

All these short courses can be found through an RTO and under the CTF Upskilling and Short Course Funding Program.

With funding incentives on offer, there’s no greater time for construction workers to upskill.

CTF short course rebates are for workers who are able to evidence they actively work in Western Australia’s building and construction industry. Successful completion of an approved short course offered by an RTO under the CTF Upskilling and Short Course Funding Program can lead to rebate eligibility.

CTF rebates can cover up to 80% of the cost for training courses, setting workers and businesses on the right path to success!

For further information about CTF training subsidies and grants available, please visit contact us.

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