A bricklayer is probably one of the first trades that comes to mind when you think about construction. If you’re practical, like being outdoors and take pleasure in seeing the end result of your work, then bricklaying may be for you.

Bricklayers take building plans and turn them into reality, using masonry materials such as bricks, tiles, concrete, mortar, cement or granite blocks. A bricklayer can build a wall, chimney, arch, fireplace or a whole house.  There are a number of specialist areas bricklayers may enter such as repairing existing brickwork, limestone repair and rising damp, or ornamental and decorative brickwork.

Bricklayers are most often sub-contractors, working for a range of builders and/or construction companies. Bricklayers usually work in teams, often employing and training apprentices.

By undertaking further studies, bricklayers can become registered builders or advance to positions within the building industry such as construction manager or site supervisor.

Suggested pathway into bricklaying:
  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Trades Pathway)

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On the job training
Accredited Certificate
Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate
Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Tertiary Degree

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