Important Updates

Read up on the latest CTF updates including the resource sector, 2019 statutory review, employer incentive scheme and Mates-in-Construction.

Resource sector update

  • CTF has allocated dedicated resources to work with the resources sector on the timing and scope of their projects to which the BCITF Levy will apply.
  • The list of currently approved qualifications that CTF supports will be expanded to include Mechanical Fitter and Industrial Electrician. It is important to note that most of the occupations and courses identified as applying to resources sector construction work were already supported by CTFs existing programs.
  • CTF has undertaken the following consultations to become more informed about the nature of construction and maintenance works as they pertain to the following contexts in the resources sector:
    • Underground mining
    • Surface mining
    • LNG (plant)
    • Offshore construction
    • Shutdowns

2019 Statutory Review

Sadly, Mr John Kobelke who had been appointed to undertake the 2019 Statutory Review passed away on Sunday 23 June. The Minister has appointed Mr Jim Walker (Chairman, State Training Board) to complete this Review and the final report it is still expected to be delivered at the end of September 2019 which is the same timeframe as previously scheduled.

Employer incentive scheme

Employers need to note that if they are already receiving employer subsidies from CTF then they will not be eligible for the State Government’s new Employer Incentive Scheme (EIS). The EIS will planned to commence on 1 July 2019.

Mates-in-Construction (MIC)

CTF is a proud supporter of MIC and has been fully subsidising this training for many years. The Board recently reviewed its strategy to support awareness of suicide and is keen to have a greater impact on this important initiative across the building and construction industry. Consequently, the Board recently endorsed steps to address this important issue including:

  1. Continuing to provide funding for MIC training courses.
  2. Commission a literature review of all papers published on the causes of suicide in the building and construction industry. This will include research undertaken in all other Australian jurisdictions and the Board will receive a report of possible interventions it could consider arising from this review.
  3. Issue a panel tender to engage experienced companies who specialise in the delivery of suicide prevention and awareness training. This contract will include training in the residential; commercial; civil and resources sector as well as training for apprentices and trainees. The tender will contain prescribed key performance targets for the number of workers to be trained in each sector plus the location of the training including regional areas and resource construction projects.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) workshops

CTF has provided three information workshops for all existing bulk billing RTOs to assist them to use the new online portal which can be found on CTFs new website. This portal enables bulk billing RTOs, companies and individual workers to lodge a claim for training subsidies online using any device. The feedback from this training was positive and the new portal will make subsidy claims much easier for supplementary skills and OSH training. It removes the need for any hardcopy paperwork which bulk billers have been requesting for some time.